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The Free Software area of our site has been set up so we can share source code and technotes with members of the QNX community. It's also a way for QNX users to access working code that demonstrates many of the features of the QNX operating system. Packages under this section come from a variety of sources and, as such, are not supported by QNX.

Some of the packages in this section may compile under other operating systems but they were primarily intended for use under QNX.

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Special Notes:

  1. QNX Software Systems is committed to providing the source code for all GNU utilities (and other software subject to the GPL) which it distributes. Such utilities include awk, rcs, gmake, gzip, and sed. If you can't find the GNU source code you are looking for under the free software area, please contact freesoft@qnx.com and we will make a copy available.
  2. All *.tgz archives can be unarchived in the following way: "gunzip < archive.tgz | pax -rv"
  3. All *.gz files can be decompressed in the following way: "gunzip file.gz"

For QNX's free software policy and upload requirements please read the README

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If you have any problems please mail freesoft@qnx.com stating the directory and/or file you had problems with.

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